The Full Story: 

“My goal with XO Balm is to promote minimalism within product formulations, and in skincare routines in general. A minimal ingredient formula is suitable for even stressed, sensitive skin types like mine, and the beauty of a multipurpose balm is it can be different things for different people; streamlining product collections.

I wanted XO Balm to be the perfect all-in-one product; effective ingredients, easy to carry around, kind to skin and suitable for everyone. Sustainable living is an important issue for me personally; the minimal and all-inclusive approach of XO Balm is part of my goal to reduce waste. XO Balm is proud to be minimally packaged, and the tins are reusable.

Eczema prone hands, irritated skin, chapped lips and dry hair have been a lifelong struggle. Hand creams and lip balms could easily irritate my skin and make the problem worse, while prescription emollients were greasy, a hassle to carry around (and not to mention unsexy)!

It was important to me to create a natural, waterless formula which would be very effective, and more environmentally friendly. Also removing anything which could cause irritation such as synthetic preservatives and fragrances was essential for skin types like mine. I hope you like it too!”



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The Name: XO Balm was named after exo = outside of the body, XOXO = hugs and kisses, as well as Roman numerals X(10) and 0 = 100 uses.

The Packaging: XO Balm wanted to be cute as a button, literally, and design a non-plastic pack that people would want to reuse; reducing landfill waste.

It was important XO Balm had functional, considerate and attractive packaging. The mirror in the lid makes it perfect for an on-the-go solution, while the tin is hard-wearing, the colours unisex, and the design minimal. The dimensions of the tin were designed specifically to fit through a postbox, meaning no missed delivery cards. Convenient for modern lifestyles and beneficial for the planet as fewer delivery attempts offers a lower carbon footprint.

The Philosophy: XO Balm does not sacrifice product efficacy for texture, feel or fragrance, and the ingredients are as safe for the environment as they are good for the skin. There are no preservatives, and the scent is only of the natural beeswax and oils to avoid irritating or stressing the skin. The formula is concentrated active ingredients, no water, and no filler, so a little goes a long way! 

Sustainability is a very important topic for XO Balm; we promote minimalism for ingredients, products and packaging. Instead of needing a full bathroom cabinet of products, XO Balm is suitable for many uses, encouraging people to rethink the amount of individual products they need and reduce waste.

Consideration of the three pillars for sustainability; environmental, social and economic, is built into the XO Balm business plan, to help people, protect resources and prepare for the future. XO Balm has supported local UK businesses; packaging components, ingredients, testing and manufacturing are all sourced from smaller UK suppliers.

Protecting the environment is important to XO Balm. We aim to reduce, reuse and recycle:

Reduce: Instead of buying packing materials, we use shredded recycled paper and newspapers. All transaction information is sent online to avoid unnecessary printing.

Reuse: The tin; once your product is finished the tin can be reused to hold small items. It is fantastic for traveling; storing jewelry, hairbands, mints, paper clips, pins, etc, etc.

Recycle: We invite you to put your outer cardboard packaging in the recycling. The shipping box of XO Balm is as environmentally-friendly as possible; the cardboard is completely recyclable.